воскресенье, 26 сентября 2010 г.


It’s so sad to come back home, where pestered and too acquainted things have been waiting for you for all the time of your trip. At that time you understand that your life way is too boring, and want more and more to escape far away.
Today I’d returned from Krasnoyarsk, we’d returned, and it was mush sadder to come back, because we are at a 20-kilometers-distance from each other again.
It was really lovely to watch silent movies together, to walk around the night city, and to say ‘Good night’ in reality every night. And I liked being far away from people who are not pleasant for me. But everything comes to its’ end. So, now he must be sleeping at his home, and I’m going to sleep too, thinking of those days, when we were together.
By the way, I’d like to say some words about Krasnoyarsk. I like:
1.       that Krasnoyarsk is spacious;
2.       that it has movie house (‘Dom kino’), where I watched silent movies and listened for a lection of a musical critic for the first time;
3.       that there is a shop of  foreign books, which are much cheaper then they’re in Irkutsk;
4.       musical and illuminated fountains;
5.       chestnut trees;
6.       many monuments and squares.
I dislike:
1.       that there is only one really beautiful street — prospekt Mira (prospect of Peace);
2.       dormitories of Krasnoyarsk;
3.       Krasnoyarsk’s road lows, when green lights are for cars and for pedestrians at the same time.

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